Solid Wood Rustic Farmhouse Dining Table

Solid Wood Rustic Farmhouse Dining Table





Inspired by a salvaged wood farmhouse table I once saw listed for $1,799.00, this handmade, pine wood table. The table pictured is 9ft x 3.5ft, stained in a combination of weathered oak and classic gray. It will comfortably seat up to 10 people.


**** Matching benches are also available for $ 200 each or $ 375 for 2.

Benches will fit under the table and match for size and height.





Additional information


L48 x W40 X H30 Inches, L48 x W40 x H36.5, L60 x W40 x H30, L60 x W40 x H30, L60 x W40 x H36.5, L72 x W40 x H30, L72 x W40 x H36.5, L84 x W40 x H30, L84 x W40 x H36.5, L96 x W40 x H30, L96 x W40 x H36.5, L108 x W40 x H30, L108 x W40 x H36.5

Wood Stain Color

Cherry 235, Classic Gray 271, Colonial Maple 223, Dark Walnut 2716, Driftwood 2126, Early American 230, Ebony 2718, English Chestnut 233, Fruitwood 241, Golden Oak 210B, Golden Pecan 245, Gunstock 231, Ipswitch Pine 221, Jacobean 2750, Natural 209, Pickled Oak 260, Provincial 211, Puratin Pine 218, Real Mohagany 225, Red Chestnut 232, Red Oak 215, Sedona Red 221, Special Walnut 224, Weathered Oak 270

Dining Table Benches

NONE, One Bench, Two Benches


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